Mini WordPress Meetups

We had a great conversation at the Meetup last night about organizing “mini meetups” in and around the Philly area. Everyone seemed to really like the idea so I started a forum thread on the topic. If this interests you at all please join the conversation:

We are already starting to plan a Chestnut Hill Developer Hackathon as the first mini meetup! If you are in the area, and want to come out and hack away with other WordPress coders, be sure to let us know here:

2 thoughts on “Mini WordPress Meetups”

  1. Told some folks in Chestnut Hill about the WP meeting last night. Folks are all over a mini meeting at Campbell’s which by the way next to my toy store! O’Doodle’s Brad Great Ideas last night!

  2. Very interested in this group, just stumbled across it via your Twitter feed, Brad. I live in Langhorne and work at AMC Networks in Manhattan, but would love to connect with some WP developers a bit more local.

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